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Excellent work! You really understand me. I love connecting with you and how you reveal other pathways. Your positive guidance is very encouraging and your insight is invaluable! Thank you very much, Tarot MOON Light.


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Thanks so much ... you a made things seem clear in regards to current situations . U knew things that no one else did about my current situation . You are 100% accurate


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Just had my free reading..... OMG THANKS IS NOT ENOUGH! Connected on so many levels and helped me understand what needs to be done and looked out for. And.....to beat it all..... CONNECTED WITH MY GRANDMA WHOM WASNT EVEN TALKED ABOUT DURING CHAT...WHILE SUMMING UP MY READING! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU 😍🐞🐞🐞😍


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Wao, yes!... Rosemary was wonderful... she paints and put all the colors in the middle of the darkness you are in, all the fog is GONE at the end of the call. She explains to you everything in details. You can ask her she answers you and ADVISE you, she jokes with you, give her opinion, she's soooo honest. She's just amazing!!!!


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Shes really into her work that she does. Shes always Prepared for my reading and is 100% accurate. Always on time and never late for booked appointments.


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No words can describe how accurate and amazing this woman is! I have had my fair share of readings and I can say with confidence that she is extremely accurate and actually cares about her clients. I recommend her to all, I will always keep going back to her.


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I've had a number of readings by Tarot Moon Light. I've also had a candle spell. She is delightful to speak/chat with. Personable, polite and kind. She also is accurate. She's going to be my go-to. Thanks so much for the heads-up in my life and your advice,


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Believe me or not ... 100% accurate readings and predictions. march 2017,

I had some worries and questions about my future. Well, Somehow I came across this site. All of her predictions came true within the deadlines, perfect timing.

Never seen her in person. She did my readings on the phone and such a kind and helpful person.

I noticed one thing about her, She doesn't tell lies, during a reading

she will just tell the truth. Haha honestly.


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 Good Nature... Fairly Accurate... Without meeting her I can say for sure that she is good at picking vibes... That's for sure as I had experienced it myself.

She said I am about to get a job or something new in 1 week time..... The day when I was asking her questions... One week starting from that day I was already expecting a new job.

I would say... TRY her... Will not be disappointed..... Cheers



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Tarot Moon is a wonderful lovable sole. She reads with accuracy well at least with me. She has some kind of energy that when you speak with her she calms you down and there is nothing to worry about.

I suggest you meet with her and see for your self.

I love here promotions

always keeps me coming back!